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12 Августа 2016

Google makes Russian realist art more accessible. Russkiy Mir Foundation

Fifty pictures kept in the collection of the Institute of Russian Realist Art (IRRA) were digitized and posted online as part of Arts&Culture project. Now one can see all the picture details thanks to gigapixel photography.

The museum has been taken part in the project for here years now and 300 pictures including works by Igor Grabar, Alexander Deineka, Nikolai Krymov, and Yury Pimenov among other famous artists of the 20th-21st centuries have been posted online within the period.

The IRRA and Gogle are going to continue their cooperation in the future. At present, the permanent exhibition is temporarily closed due to renovations as its exposition is being rearranged for the 5th anniversary of the museum. It will become available for visitors in the middle of the fall.

The IRRA museum and exhibition center was opened on December 1, 2011 in one of the old buildings of the former cotton-printing factory built in the "Zamoskvorechye" district of Moscow at the end of the 19th century upon an initiative of a collector and art patron Alexey Ananyev.

Оригинал материала: http://russkiymir.ru/en/news/211513/