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26 Февраля 2016

Exhibitions in Moscow. The February Overview. Weheart

The Institute of Russian Realist Art presents the Russia on the Road exhibition, exploring a time when science fiction became fact and new technologies led to the growth of a new mythology, new obsessions and fears, a new way of life and new artistic images. Just 150 years ago the idea of a developed road and rail network spanning the whole country would have seemed like a utopian dream. But today most people in the developed world would find life unimaginable without trains, planes, cars and urban transit systems. The world without vehicles would be a modern dystopia. The arts continuously responded to these changing feelings, producing a string of artifacts that feel like confessions. These vary considerably regarding both form and mood. Some were powerfully ideological, saluting the driving force of change; others were lyrical, romantic and far from any obligation to propagandize. In all cases, though, the masters of road, rail and air were charmed by their new means of transportation.

The exhibition will feature about 60 paintings and graphic works of the 20th century as well as works by contemporary artists contributed by several major Russian museums.

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