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28 Января 2016

History and culture: "Russia on the Road. By Plane, by Train, on a Vehicle" exhibition opens in Moscow. Presidential Library

The Institute of Russian Realist Art presents the exhibition entitled “Russia on the Road. By Plane, by Train, on a Vehicle”(Russia on the Road. 1920-1990), reflecting the almost century-long history of transportation in Russian art. The project was presented in October this year in five halls of Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome. The exhibition was critically acclaimed in Europe and Russia, but also was named the flagship project of the fall season in the Palazzo delle Esposizioni. Starting with January 28, 2016, the exhibition can be seen at the Institute of Russian Realist Art.

The new exhibition includes over sixty paintings and graphics of the XX century. In addition to works from the collection of the Institute of Russian Realist Art, there are paintings from the collections of major museums in Russia - the State Tretyakov Gallery, the State Russian Museum, the Scientific Research Museum of the Russian Academy of Arts, the "ROSIZO" State Museum and Exhibition Center, the Union of Artists of Russia, Tver Regional Art Gallery, the State Art Museum of Altai Territory (Barnaul), Kursk Art Gallery named after of A. A. Deineka, the Irkutsk Regional Art Museum named after V. P. Sukachev, the Memorial Museum of Space Exploration and also from the National Gallery of Armenia, the Regina Gallery and the private collections. Besides the masterpieces of Alexander Deineka, Yuri Pimenov, Alexander Samohvalov, George Nysskyi, Alexander Labas the audience will also get a chance to get familiar with painting and graphic of the artists of the sixties. This art that has long remained behind the "iron curtain" now louder and louder declares itself on the best art show venues in Europe and reveals the artistic Russia in a new way, awaking a genuine interest to it of both - the professionals and the inexpert viewers.

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