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21 January 2015

The exhibition “Drawing Lessons”

The exhibition “Drawing Lessons”

The Institute of Russian Realist Art celebrates the 190th anniversary of the Stroganov Academy with the opening of its latest exhibition, ‘Drawing Lessons’. The museum displays more than 120 works by the Academy’s teachers and students, including Mikhail Vrubel, Fedor Shekhtel, Sergey Gerasimov, Fedor Fedorovsky, Vladimir Egorov, Mikhail Vasilyev and others.

 The Academy was founded in 1825 by Count Sergey Grigoryevich Stroganov and was originally called the "School of drawing in relation to the arts and crafts." Stroganov described his aim “to give young people (aged 10 to 16), who have dedicated themselves to a craft, an opportunity to master the art of drawing, which indispensable for any craftsman seeking perfect workmanship.”

Today, nearly two hundred years since it was founded, the famous Stroganovka remains one of the world’s most renowned colleges of art. Its walls have seen the development of a galaxy of talented artists who went on to shape the history of Russian fine art and decorative arts. The traditions they established are maintained by the Academy’s work in the present day.

The retrospective exhibition features works from the mid-19th century to the present day and introduces the audience to the talents of the great masters, famous alumni and current students of the Academy. The display includes fine art canvases, examples of decorative and applied graphics and painting, and also sculpture, furniture, ceramics and metal, fabric swatches and wallpaper. 10 themed rooms tell the story of the Stroganov Academy, how its approach to academic and specialized drawing evolved and how an idea turns into a finished work. The exhibition draws on the collection of the Institute of Russian Realist Art, the Stroganov Academy, Bakhrushin Theatre Museum, the Museum of Cinema, the State Museum of Vladimir Mayakovsky and private collections. A dedicated program of lectures and master-classes runs parallel to the show, led by experts from the Institute of Russian Realist Art and the Stroganov Academy.

‘Drawing Lessons’ will also be taking to the streets of Moscow in a special promotional campaign backed the Moscow Committee for Tourism and Hospitality and the outdoor advertising operator Gallery. The campaign will reach 500 bus shelters from November 2014 to January 2015. To promote the exhibition at the Institute of Russian Realist Art, Gallery will place original image-posters on the city’s bus shelters showing reproductions of work by Mikhail Vasilyev. This famous artist and teacher at the Stroganov Academy was known as "the master of drawing flowers and fruits."

The “Drawing lessons” exhibition runs at the Institute of Russian Realist Art on Derbenevskaya street until 22 March 2015. 

Our partners: Stroganov Moscow State Academy of Art and Industry (Stroganov MSAA), The Art Newspaper Russia, Moscow’s Committee for Tourism and Hospitality, Gallery.