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7 June 2018



The Institute of Russian Realist Art, with the participation of the Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow and the Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography, presents an exhibition SPORT is ART.


Coinciding with the holding of the Football World Cup in Russia, there will be an exhibition at the Institute of Russian Realist Art featuring legendary Soviet photographers who have devoted themselves to work at stadiums and gyms. Lev Borodulin, Igor Utkin, Alexander Abaza, Vsevolod Tarasevich, Sergey Vasin – they were all capable of capturing the beauty of sport like no one else.

The shots from the IRRA, MAMM and Lumiere Center collections will be accompanied by detailed descriptions of the events featured and details from the biographies of the great sportsmen and women shown. Viewers will see photographs of the likes of Pele, Lev Yashin, Alexey Khomich, Eduard Streltsov, Galimzyan Khusainov, Dmitry Bagrich and Valery Lobanovsky, and the exhibition will examine different kinds of sport, such as hockey, diving, water polo and boxing. The latter disciplines will be covered in a section linked to the photographer Lev Borodulin, with a major retrospective of his works having been held at MAMM this year – the year in which he celebrates his 95th birthday.

“Our collection includes a large series of works by the photographer Lev Borodulin, who really is a legendary figure in the photographic arts. All of the works were acquired directly from the author. Naturally, we had to take advantage of this opportunity to show these wonderful shots,” says Nadezhda Stepanova, IRRA’s Art Director.

As well as seeing the temporary photography exhibition, visitors can see painted works on the theme of sport that are in IRRA’s permanent exhibition. “Sportswoman” by Alexander Deyneka, “Parade at the Dynamo Stadium” by Sergey Luchishkin, “In the sports hall” by Olga Vaulina – these works are already ranked among the museum’s iconic works.

The exhibition will be supported by an educational program. During the summer period, the IRRA art historians will be devoting their “Art Lunch” lectures to masters whose names have become closely linked with sport. The 15-minute lectures are held every Wednesday at 14.00, and attendance is free.

Entry to the SPORT is ART exhibition comes free with a general ticket to the IRRA museum. Total cost – 300 rubles.
Free entry with FIFA Fan ID.