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Reopening IRRA квартирантка
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Exhibition “Stories” / December 1st - May 21st

Exhibition dedicated to the history of masterpieces by Alexander Deyneka, Igor Grabar, Arkady Plastov, Yury Pimenov, Viktor Popkov, Gely Korzhev and other famous masters of the realist school. For the first time visitors will see in one location works known previously only from the accounts of exhibition guides and from catalogues. For the first time in many years, the work of Pyotr Ossovsky "Three Generations" (1960), which has previously been exhibited in the Perm State Art Gallery, will be on display in Moscow. It was in connection with this work that the term "severe style" was first used, describing the work of artists of the 1960s. Alexander Deyneka’s "Bathers" (1951, The State Tretyakov Gallery), long under restoration, will also be included in the exhibition: the graphic sketch for that painting, “Sportswoman, Tying a Ribbon” (1950), has become a hallmark of IRRA. Viewers also will have access to unique video footage shot in the studios of Igor Grabar, Sergey Gerasimov, Isaak Brodsky, Gely Korzhev and Andrey Volkov.